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Growing up in Southern California, being active is part of everyday life. 

As a child and into my teens I was always involved in many different sports and activities such as roller-skating, ice skating, gymnastics, swimming, and cheerleading - then in High School, I began going to the gym daily which I found gratifying. It was then I realized I have always had a love for fitness. I loved the way I felt afterward and craved it so much so that my first job was at LA Fitness, just so I could have a free membership. 

Years later, it was not until after the birth of my first child at the age of 26 that I became aware of how important nutrition was and that along with exercise it can change your life on so many different levels. Soon after I gave birth, I met with a nutrition coach and everything changed from that point on. 

I was inspired to pursue my own certification and was ISSA certified in Fitness and Nutrition within a couple of years. After I became certified, friends and family began coming to me for advice and seeking help with their fitness and nutrition, which eventually turned into a business. In 2018, I started doing my challenges which I still do today along with personal coaching.

My passion and goal is to help women of all ages regardless of their fitness level and to get them fit and healthy so they can feel confident and look amazing!